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Top Reasons To Visit Adelaide, Australia!

There are definitely a lot of top reasons to visit Adelaide, Australia.  The capital of South Australia (and the fifth largest city as well in the continent) has a lot to offer tourists with a taste for art, adventure and good food.  The best wines, great, bush tucker food, arts, historical landmarks, you name it:  Adelaide has it.

And there’s more to love about this city.  Here are some of the top reasons to visit Adelaide:

historic buildings in Adelaide, Australia

Festivals.  Adelaide is known as the “Festival State” of Australia.  And why not?  There’s always something to look forward to when you visit Adelaide.  One of the highlights in Adelaide is the Adelaide Festival of Arts which is celebrated between the last week of February to the first week of March. This internationally renowned festival is one of the world’s biggest celebrations of arts.  The weeklong celebration involves theatre, opera, dance, cabaret, classic and contemporary music, as well as new media.  At the heart of the celebration is the Adelaide Festival Centre, which usually hosts the opening of the event.

Local Flavors.  Want something a little more extreme than the regular barbies and fish and chips?  How about some bush food?  Australia (particularly Adelaide) is rediscovering the joys, wonders and flavours of bush tucker, or food enjoyed by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years.  Try out Kangaroo, crocodile or emu meat, or feast on some witchetty grubs.

If the idea of eating grubs or feasting on emu meat is a little too intense, then try out a pie floater from one of the late night pie carts.

Wines.  South Australia’s rich soils and ample amounts of sunshine makes it a perfect place for making some of the best wines in the continent.  As a matter of fact, it is considered Australia’s premier wine state.

Adelaide has some of the best vineyards in the state, with the nearby Barossa Valley boasting of some of the world’s finest Shiraz and Cabarnet.

Gaming with a Touch of Class. Not every country has gaming and casinos, but Australia is not one of them! A sight in itself, Adelaide Casino is located within the historic Adelaide Railway Station which was built way back in 1856. They have plenty of table games and slots, and if gambling isn’t your thing, just admire the iconic structure! Australia is also a special country because they are one of the last to permit online gambling as well. So, if you’re worn out from sightseeing all day, feel free to hit the tables from your hotel room on http://www.casinomidas.com.au/!

Adelaide Central Market.  One of the top reasons to visit Adelaide is its lively central market, which is filled with some of the freshest, organic produce in the country.  It’s the best place to observe the Adelaide culture (while shopping for some souvenirs and local finds).


10 Dec 2013